A Passion for the Process

By MeMe Myatt

     It is easy to say that education is the most necessary, logical and progressive way to grow and become successful. However, the idea of an education is more complex than that, due to the fact that there are so many ways to acquire an education, as well as, so many ways to educate. People learn from their environments, (homes, suburbs, streets, etc.), and the institutions surrounding their environments, (schools, churches, neighborhood clubs, etc.). According to my philosophy of education, the three main goals that act as stride points for educators and students are, 1) to respect and follow one’s curiosity, 2) to acquire and enhance one’s ability to critically think, and 3) to apply a work ethic that delivers and benefits one’s success, as well as, the success of others.

     All three of these goals are essential to any type of education a student may want to explore. However, these three goals are beyond essential and mandatory for the understanding of music educators and students, and here’s why:

     A young student wants to explore the world of music. They begin to listen to the music around them with an ear filled with fascination and whatever enters. The young student then wants to take their fascination to the next level, by learning how to create the type of music they hear. From there, the student explores what types of instruments and programs they would like to use to create music, i.e. trumpet, piano, voice, music- making software, etc. The student then explores the medium of their choice. The student may later realize that the music they want to play and create may take more time to do so with the medium of their choice. With the help of a music educator, they gradually begin to better understand what it takes to utilize the medium to its fullest potential. They also gradually develop a desire and the discipline needed to regularly practice, in order to perfect and master their musical instrument and interest.

     Ultimately, the young student’s musical journey has begun. All the while, they are respecting and following their curiosity, acquiring and enhancing their critical thinking skills, and developing and applying a strong work ethic, with the guidance and motivation provided by a dedicated music educator.